About Brayden

Brayden was born with a heart condition which led to multiple surgeries, his first just hours after birth. Although he has gone through so much, it never changed his zest for life. Brayden (aka B-Man and Brayden the Fearless) was an incredible kid, he is funny, kind, smart, brave, passionate, and loved his family.

Here are some of Brayden’s favorite things:

  • He loves hugs
  • He loves being with his family
  • He loves cuddling with and doing anything with his dog and cat
  • He loves God and his Wyldlife crew
  • He loves doing anything with his friends from texting, talking on the phone, sports, gaming, or even school
  • He loves pickles, Skyline, Jeff Ruby’s Steaks, bacon and especially his mom’s spaghetti sauce 
  • He loves to swim with his friends and misses it a lot right now
  • He loves throwing football with his dad
  • He loves the bourbon latte from WyCoCo
  • He loves the Cowboy Hot Wings at Tela
  • He loves the Bengals and is looking forward to his season tickets this coming fall
  • He loves to make people laugh and loves to laugh himself – his favorite comedian is Kevin Hart
  • He loves to know he makes us proud – and we couldn’t be more proud of him
  • He loves to be kind, polite and care for others and wants more fairness and kindness in the world
  • He loves the taste of the filtered water from our house because it reminds him of home
  • He loves playing baseball with his buddies
  • He loves to golf but especially loves Top Golf
  • He loves The Web and Main Event and anywhere else he can splurge and play some games
  • He loves being curious and loves knowing the details

Although he has been blessed to live a pretty normal life, the past 8 months were challenging for him & his family.

This past November he had a 15-hour heart surgery then on May 11th he went into the hospital with the intention of going home that night after a routine heart cath. But due to complications Brayden has gone into heart failure. On Friday, August 5th, Brayden joined God in Heaven. Here is the family’s post:

Brayden joined Our Lord God in Heaven. He was greeted with warm and tight hugs at the Gate of Heaven by his Nana and his Papaw along with a parade of angels and saints. He entered into God’s Kingdom peacefully, without fear and surrounded by his tons of love with his family at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital after serving God’s mission for 13 years on Earth where he made an incredible impact on all who met him. We, His parents, were especially proud of the man he had become and the impact he made in his 13 too-short years. His sister was especially thankful to call him brother and B-Man and to enjoy their time playing together. All who knew him found only love in him.  Heaven is lucky to have such a new addition to its angels. 

Those of us left here on Earth are absolutely devastated to say goodbye to such a beautiful soul. We have more questions than answers and we are in torn pieces. While we know there is no pain or suffering in Heaven, those left here won’t be the same. Our hearts are broken because the rest of our days on Earth won’t be blessed with Brayden’s kindness, his bravery, his humor, his laughter and his love.  Even though Brayden was born with a Congenital Heart Defect he was truly one of God’s masterpieces. In Heaven he has a new heart and new body and is running and laughing. Our time left on Earth will have a hole that won’t ever be fully filled until we meet Brayden again in Heaven. 

Please continue to pray for Brayden as he has accomplished God’s mission for himself here on Earth and enters into his eternal home in Heaven.  Please keep our family and all who Brayden touched in your prayers. We certainly need comforting in ways that can’t be described or known at this point. We are blessed to have the support you all have provided to Brayden these last 86 days. We will find a way to honor Brayden together. We love you all. 

To follow along with his journey, please follow Brayden’s CaringBridge site for the most up-to-date information.